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Usage example

class SomeModel extends AppModel {

	public $brwConfig = array(
		'actions' => array(
			'index' => false,
			'add' => true,
			'edit' => false,
			//some other actions config
		//some other model config


Configuration options


Default value: true

Set to false if you want to avoid users accessing a complete list of records for that model.


Default value: true

Set to false if you want to prevent users to acces the view page for records on that model.


Default value: true

Setting this to false will forbid users to add new records on the model.


Default value: true

Set this to false and users will not be able to edit records.


Default value: true

Set to false and users may not delete records on the model.


Default value: false

Set to true if you need to enable model exporting. See the export section in order to know how to configure it.


Default value: false

If you set this to true, you’ll have to code your own import method in the model. This method should be named brwImport($data) and the $data parameter will receive the $this->data array from the submit form, including the data from the uploaded file.

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